Pupil performance data

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Due to the COVID pandemic, the Government did not collect assessment data for the academic year 2019/20 or 2020/21. We have used our internal data in order to measure children's attainment and progress.


2019 EYFS, KS1 and KS2 Results

Statutory Testing 2019 Roseberry Academy

Throughout the year, we constantly assess children’s attainment and progress and match learning experiences to their specific needs. Three times per year, pupil assessment data is entered onto our Pupil Tracking system. The Principal and Senior Leaders analyse performance data for all children, highlighting those who may need additional support in order to make the progress expected of them in relation to their personal starting points. Pupil Progress Meetings are held three times per year with the Principal, Senior Leaders, SENDco and individual teachers to discuss the needs of each child and interventions they may require. This ensures that we cater for the needs of all children, whatever their ability, enabling them to achieve their best. If your child is identified as needing additional support, you will receive a Raising Attainment Profile (RAP), which will outline your child’s needs, how we aim to meet them and how you may support your child at home.

At the end of Y1, children take a national phonics test. The results for the last three years are as follows:


  % Expected Standard+ % Greater Depth

Year 6

Reading 84%
(national 73%)
Writing 95%
(national 78%)
Maths 79%
(national 79%)
English Punctuation, Grammar and Spelling 79%
(national 78%)
Combined 68%
(national 65%)

Reading -1.3 (-3.3 to 0.7)
Writing 0.6 (-1.3 to 2.5)
Maths -3.1 (-4.9 to -1.3)

Average scaled scores

Reading 105

Grammar Punctuation and Spelling 105
Maths 104


Year 2

Reading 68% 11%
Writing 57% 7%
Maths 64% 11%

Year 1

  % Expected Standard
Phonics Screening 79%

Foundation Stage

  % Good Level of Development
Good Level of Development 77%

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