Roseberry Academy

Roseberry Crescent
Great Ayton

01642 722883

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Special Educational Needs Coordinator: Mrs Ruth Murton

Chair of Governors: Mrs Alison Dumphy-Brook

Enquire Learning Trust: 

18 Appleton Court
Tel: ‭01924 792960‬

For general enquiries, or to request to speak with any of the above personnel, please contact Mrs Jade Smith or Mrs Ashleigh Hagan at the school office on 01642 722883

If you would like paper copies of any of the information on our website, please contact the school office.

Expressing your Concerns

From time to time it is possible that you may feel we have not lived up to your expectations. If this is the case please tell us. If you do not tell us, we will not be aware of your concern, and if we are not aware of it, there is little we can do to set things right! So if you have any worry or concern about what is happening in school PLEASE TELL US AT ONCE. We actively discourage you from posting concerns onto social media sites, as we would much rather meet to discuss any concerns you may have.

If you have any concerns about your child, please talk to your child’s class teacher, in the first instance, as they will know the most about your child. If you are still concerned, or have concerns regarding the curriculum or safeguarding, then you should contact the office to see the Principal. We hope that we will be able to address concerns effectively but, should you wish to express concerns formally, you may contact governors of the Academy Improvement Committee through the school office. Our complaints procedure can be found in full on our policies page.

If you are happy with our school please feel free to share your views with everyone! We are proud of Roseberry Academy and it’s lovely to hear when others are too.