Our Academy

We are a friendly school who always welcome parents and the extended community. At Roseberry Academy, a positive home school partnership is very important to us. We aim to build a partnership between home and school to enhance your child’s educational development and help him/her take full advantage of all that our school has to offer.

It is important that we should all recognise and agree to play a part in this partnership, for the benefit of your child. Parents are invited to sign our Home-School Agreement, which formalises our shared aims.

To ensure the security of all our children, we ask you report to the office at the Lower School building where a member of staff will help you.

Number Currently On Roll

We currently have 246 children on roll.

School Capacity

Our Pupil Admission Number is 4 two year olds and 26 three year olds in nursery, 30 in Early Years Foundation Stage and 21 in Year Three. This means that we have the capacity for 51 children in each Key Stage 2 year group. Should parents request a place for their child in a year group that is full, they have the opportunity to appeal in order for their request to be considered.

Secondary Transfer

At the end of Year 6, children have traditionally transferred to Stokesley School, the founding member of the Areté. Parents of course can apply for admission to any secondary school in the area, subject to there being places available.

All of our Year 6 children transferred to Stokesley School in September 2022.